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Netta Rabinovitch - Freelancer
I am a digital designer & illustrator based in Tel Aviv. I believe that good design is simple, functional and beautiful. My specialities are web design, user experience and interface, visual identities and illustration.
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/  LivingBox
Living Box is a startup that created a modular and sustainable system which enables you to grow fresh vegetables in low costs and minimal effort.
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/  Hippodom
A small stratup that created a platform for easy, online tracking world wide shipping. The platform connects shippers with their existing freight forwarders, custom brokers, and vendors, streamlining supply chain communication.
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/  Partners&Co
Partners&Co is a unique platform for law firms that offers tailor made law firm solutions - from desks to offices and entire headquarters. They create environments for productivity, innovation, and connection.
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/  City People
City People is a group of Tel Avivian entrepreneurs that built houses, community and culture in Tel Aviv for people who love the city.
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/  Black - T
Black-T is a street fashion project that created a capsule Hanukah collection of black and gold T-shirts called "Gold is the New Black"
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/  Illustrations
Many different illustration projects I've created over the past few years
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You can call:  +972.54.4517976
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I'm also available on the following
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